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Model Schools Grant Site Visit

I wanted to share with everyone some very exciting news. At the beginning of the year we applied for a very prestigious national grant award. In fact, over 3,300 schools across the nation applied for the same award.

Mabry is now a finalist! We are among 60 schools across the nation whose innovative and successful work with students has met the criteria to make it to the final round of competition. Only 20 schools from around the country will be awarded the grant and then serve as a national model for best practices in a variety of categories. We are competing in the technology innovation category.

This is huge! To have made it this far in this highly competitive grant process is an incredible honor!!

The "head guy" selected Mabry for a personal site visit which was held recently. I have to tell you that I love showing off our students and teachers. Our guests spoke very highly of what we are accomplishing with technology.

During their visit, they spoke with several teams of students. The students were awesome! One child just blurted out how movie-making is exactly like going through the writing process. She then did a point-by-point comparison. I thought she had fallen out of the lap of God! Our students are making the connections!

Our guests also had a chance to speak with several teachers. Their vision and the projects on which they are working with students were equally as incredible. The leader of the site team visit said that he wishes to return when he can spend more time with us as he realized that we were barely able to scratch the surface in the time he was with us. He has several amazing ideas on how we can take what we are doing here to the next level of excellence at a national and international level.

Should we win this award, Mabry will receive about a quarter of a million dollars in cash and technology and will be used as a national model for technology implementation best practices. Visitors would come from all over the nation to see what we are doing here. The decision as to who wins will be made this summer and announced next fall.

Everyone buckle your seat belts. We have a really good shot at this!! Our students and teachers are doing incredible things to maximize student learning! This visit honors their exemplary work.