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Rising 6th Grade Summer Program

This summer the SPLOST construction and renovation project should come to an end with a flurry of activity at Mabry Middle School. A great deal of demolition will take place within the building, and 6 different inside areas will be completely changed. Additionally, the entrance and parking lot will be completely changed from what they are today. Fortunately, these activities were scheduled for this summer and therefore did not adversely impact the learning environment during the school year.

Because of safety and accessibility issues and concerns, we will not schedule any activity in the building this summer. Therefore, we will not have our summer program for rising 6th graders this summer.

We anticipate that the building will be completed just before school starts. Beginning the school year with access to about $8.8 million in new and renovated facilities will be an exciting way to start the 20005 - 2006 school year.